How to preserve natural potential of Kamchatka's areas in the face of tourist inflow?
Smart tourism
Task description
Participants need to come up with the concept of a product solution for the Government of the Kamchatka region.
- Detailed description of the task;
- Brief from the experts at the start of Producton;
- Respondents for qualitative and quantitative studies;
Expected result
Producton finalists are expected to deliver a presentation containing:
- Research;
- Description of the solution;
- Analysis of the feasibility of the solution;
Skills to develop
- Communication with stakeholders;
- Market research;
- Ability to draw conclusions from data;
- In-depth user research: interviews and user surveys;
- Creating roadmap, product strategy;
- Planning of the team work and presentation;
Product manager
А team can consist of 3-4 teammates
Product researcher
Head of Digital Transformation, Vostokgosplan, Expert of the Center for Systemic Transformation, Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Ekaterina Emets
External Advisor to the Governor of Kamchatka Region
Kamchatka region is a magnet for travelers who are interested in ecological tourism. Problems of the region include inadequate tourist infrastructure, poor transport accessibility of the sights, low information support of the landmarks and low level of tourists' awareness of this tourist destination.

Kamchatka Government focuses its efforts on development of tourism infrastructure in the region and increase of tourist flow. With increasing number of tourists visiting natural attractions, man-made load on the nature of Kamchatka grows.

Each tourist area has a defined capacity in terms of tourist volume over a certain time period. It is also important to ensure tourism security and safety as most routes in Kamchatka pass through sparsely populated and uninhabited areas with poor mobile phone coverage. Technological solutions can help, for example, to calculate potential tourist flow, distribute anthropogenic load over time or control tourist adherence to safety rules.

"Vostokgosplan" is an organization affiliated with the Ministry for Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic performing research and analytical studies on the Far East and the Arctic regions. Its projects are connected with territorial and industry planning; analysis, monitoring and forecasting of socio-economic development of territories and creation of digital models.

"Vostokgosplan" is focused on expanding academic and public relations and involving students and young professionals in solving the problems of forward-looking socio-economic development of the Far East and the Arctic.

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Feasibility of the solution
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# 3
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Compliance of the solution with the case objectives
Following product design methodology
Quality of the presentation
In-depth study o f the problem
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